About Arceco Lighting Solutions

With the creation of electricity, came the inevitable evolution of lighting. Now your current options are nearly endless.  Arceco Lighting Solutions educates you on lighting choices, the latest features and the best options available to suit your needs.  We work with general contractors, architects and business owners to help design and specify the best LED lighting options with the latest technology.

With so many lighting options, its easy to become overwhelmed. Our team looked at some common complaints in the LED lighting industry and the same issues arose time and time again. Consumers experienced problems such as:

  • high up front cost for sub par lighting
  • poor colour and/or brightness
  • confusion about the quality and type of lights
  • high expectations with poor results
  • poor customer service and expertise
  • compatibility problems with dimmers and other systems

We looked at consumer’s concerns and built our business around solving them.  Cheap LED lights, inexperienced planning and poor service has given the LED lighting industry a questionable reputation in the past. In reality, the benefits of LED outweigh all other lighting solutions by such a large margin that they scarcely compare.  We’ll show you how.

Arceco President, Sinish Duric started his company in 2004 after working for 15 years in the construction industry. He quickly discovered that lighting experts and LED manufacturers over promised and under delivered in quality and service in order to keep costs down. Too many manufacturers made claims that stretched the truth and consumers quickly became disappointed with LED light quality in practical applications.

After 12 years in the lighting industry, Arceco makes no compromises and commits to helping business and home owners by educating you on your lighting purchase and delivering on your expectations. Our dedication doesn’t stop there. Our team is committed to your experience from start to finish and your Project Manager is focused on the job site to ensure your project is completed to satisfaction.

In an era of new lighting possibilities, let us show you why you can’t afford to miss the LED opportunity.

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